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information about the life cycle for six species of butterflies from the lower Anchicaya river is presented: Banus chalceus ingenuus(Dyar, 1907). Heliconious cydnoalinde (Butler, 1869), Erachlides anchiciades(Esper. 1788), Parides childrenae latifasciata(Krugcr, 1925), Parides eurimedes emilins (Constantino. 1998) y Paride.s. pallares eruthrus ( Rothschi Id y Jordan, 19061. belonging to Fiel Heliconidae and Papilionidae. The herbivory indexes are presented for Paride euriwedess and Heliconious edno. Information about the monitoring of a population of butterflies as an indicator group is given, as a strategy for conserving and managing wild populations integrated within a rearing program with ru­ral communities.

PRIETO, A. V., CONSTANTINO, L. M., & CHACÓN DE ULLOA, P. (1999). Studies about rearing six species of butterflies from the lower Anchicayá (Valle) and knowledge contributions of their natural history. Revista Colombiana De Entomología, 25(1), 23–32.
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