The RCdE, committed to good editorial practices, asks authors to:

  1. Maintain high standards for publication
  2. Provide contact information for all authors
  3. Respect the authorship of documents for those who have made a significant contribution to the conception, design , execution or interpretation of the study.
  4. To ensure the originality of the document avoiding plagiarism - multiple, redundant or recurring publication.
  5. To acknowledge the consulted sources
  6. To adhere to the guidelines of good editorial practices according to the ethics statement of the COPE's Guide.


Likewise, the Editorial Committee, together with the journal's reviewers, are committed to:

  1. Clearly evidence publication decisions
  2. Based on the principle of equality, confidentiality, participation and cooperation in research, in order to contribute to a timely and fair disclosure of the findings.
  3. To notify the errors in the published works and amend them by the authors with the help of the editorial committee of the journal, either due to its corrections or the withdrawal of the published article.
  4. Verify handwriting matches through Turnitin services, to avoid plagiarism.