Subject editors

The main function of the subject editor will be to argue, in a technical and disciplinary manner, in a short concept and through a review (not detailed), if a manuscript is a potential contribution to knowledge, if it has the minimum scientific quality and according to the above, if it deserves or not to pass to external evaluation.

Diego Rincón Agrosavia 1. Agricultural Entomology 2. Ecology and Behavior
Alex E. Bustillo P. Cenipalma 1. Agricultural Entomology (Biological control of pests in agriculture) 2. Insect growth and development
Jorge Ari Noriega Universidad de los Andes 1. Ecology and Behavior (Coleoptera, with invasive species, with ecosystem services or with any level of ecology (populations, communities or landscape).
Giovanni Fagua Universidad Javeriana 1. Ecology and behavior, 2. Growth and development of insects, 3. Systematic entomology, 4. Molecular entomology.
Ricardo Pérez Alvarez Universidad de Hannover 1. Agricultural Entomology 2. Ecology and Behavior
Fernando Hernández-Baz,  Universidad Veracruzana 1. Agricultural Entomology, 2. Systematic Entomology
Nelson Canal Universidad del Tolima 1. Agricultural entomology, 2. Ecology and behavior 3. Systematic entomology.
Pablo Benavides CENICAFE 1. Agricultural Entomology
Jorge Alberto Molina Escobar Universidad de los Andes 1. Medical Entomology and 2) Insect Anatomy and Physiology.
Carlos Espinel Agrosavia 1. Agricultural Entomology (with emphasis on biological control)
Francisco Serna Universidad Nacional 1. Taxonomy