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In stored grains, smaller depositions and great variation with respect to theoretical insecticide doses are frequently found. The objective of this work was to study the effectiveness of the standard method (ISO 5682/1-1996) employed to evaluate hydraulic nozzles used in stored corn and wheat grain protection experiments. The transversal volumetric distribution and droplet spectrum of a model TJ-60 8002EVS nozzle were determined in order to calibrate a spraying system for an application rate of 5 L/t and to obtain theoretical concentrations of 10 and 0.5 mg/kg of fenitrothion and esfenvalerate, respectively. After treatment, the corn and wheat grains were processed and deposition was analyzed by gas chromatography. The type of grain did not have any influence on insecticide deposition and was dependent upon insecticide only. The insecticide deposits on the grains only reached 42.1 and 38.2% of the intended theoretical values for fenitrothion and esfenvalerate concentrations, respectively. These results demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the standard evaluation method for hydraulic nozzles employed in stored grain protection experiments.

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